I accidentally kept my charger

Don’t worry these things happen. Submit your details on the form below and return the charger to the venue within 24 hours. If you do this, you’ll be refunded half your money.

If the venue has limited operating hours, contact the venue directly and arrange with them to return the charger. Please note, we need it back within 48 hours for you to get a partial refund.

Full responsibility is held by you as the lease holder until it is returned to the Jumpstart power bank.

My charger is damaged

If you have a charger that is broken or damaged please return it to the Jumpstart power bank and complete the online incident claim. Take a photo of the charger and upload it on our app. Reporting this as soon as possible will be taken into account when viewing your query.



I continued to be charged

Unfortunately, it looks like the charger wasn’t returned properly or at all to the Jumpstart power bank. In the future, once your charger has been returned, double check the transaction has stopped on the app.

I was overcharged

Please refer to your receipt for transaction start & finish time. You will be charged at the beginning of every 15 minutes. Your feed shows your running time in live time so refer to that for usage updates.



The venue was closed

Unfortunately, these things do happen. As you are the lessor you are responsible for the charger’s return to the same venue in which you took it from. Please refer to “I accidentally kept my charger” above on how to deal with returning it.

Issue not covered?

Submit your issue below and we will address it and respond ASAP.